Detection of a stroke: FAST

At a stroke, you should act quickly to long-term damage to avoid. But, unfortunately, does not recognize any of the typical symptoms that a stroke may occur. That is why the FAST Test by US doctors, so lay the main signs to check. We will show you the test and explain to you what exactly a stroke in your head happened.

What happens during a stroke?

When the brain is suddenly poorly supplied with blood, occurs, a longer than 24 hour ongoing disorder of the brain function. This will give the grey cells in a specific area of the brain does not have enough oxygen, so you die to threaten. Depending on the strength and duration of ischemia, the area concerned, its task in the short term or permanently no longer run. The consequences can be for example speech, vision problems, or paralysis.

The quick FAST-Face, Arms, Speech and Time


Ask the Person to smile. If the face is one-sided is warped, this makes a hemiplegia attentive. Because by the weakening of the Gesichtsmuskels shows the Smile only on the non-affected side, causing the Smile wrong acts.


Ask the Person on, both arms to the front to plug in, so the palms point upwards. Can an Arm not be raised or lowered again, this points to a paralysis.


Ask the affected Person has a phrase to repeat what. This may be a possible disruption of the language center are detected. It is in fact a stroke, which Affected the Repeat difficult or the voice of washed out sound.


If one of these tasks difficulties, you should immediately call the emergency number choose. At a stroke, every Minute counts to permanent damage to avoid. Notify the ambulance immediately that the suspicion of a stroke due to the occurring symptoms.

Depending on the length and strength of the circulatory disorders in the brain, you experience various signs. When a stroke is made between three levels.

1. Transient ischemic attack (TIA):

Here ist a short-term, transient ischemia. Symptoms include transient occurring language and visual disturbances, dizziness or numbness. Usually disappear in complaints nach2-15 minutes.

2. Prolonged reversible ischemic neurologic deficit (PRIND):

The strength and length of symptoms are higher and the symptoms can last for days, but then again, to completely disappear. The Transition to a serious stroke is fluent.

3. Insult:

This is an overt stroke. In the destroyed brain matter to form scars. The damage to the brain region usually remain permanent and do not heal more.

The detection of a Schlaganfalles is thanks to the Schnelltestes possible for everyone. Remember that each stroke is an emergency. The faster it responds, the smaller is the damage of the Affected.

Also despite a quick response can be a stroke and the related damages cannot always be avoided. Exactly then the subsequent recovery is an important part for the Regeneration. After a stroke you should take it slow and on your well-being in mind. After the medical treatment is a Gesundheitsreise very well, so that they can fully relax and unwind. In the context of this holiday, you will of experts supervised on site and get a customized program that is tailored to your specific needs. In General, you should first listen to your body. Rest will do you good and give you a new feeling. Also click obat herbal menurunkan kadar gula darah

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Cold or flu?

Again, it is cold season – or is it Grippezeit? Who knows exactly. In any case, it can be in many places to observe how people with red noses running around, shaken by the constant Niessen or cough. Clearly, it is winter time. But when I suffer, because now it’s actually a cold and when to a flu? The question at this time is determined not only me.

So you know when you are “only” a cold to suffer and when to a flu

The typical phenomena, the one with a cold, or some even with a flu, in connection, such as a scratchy throat or a runny nose are typical symptoms of a cold. Usually also comes increased cough. The expression of these symptoms is rather slow and also in the Höchststadium rather light and good to bear. If fever as another Symptom added, then only in a later stage of the disease.

They are, however, a right sick with flu, the symptoms been somewhat more aggressive. So you will suffer severe head and body aches and also fever is a common side effect. Also, it is not a slow disease, like a cold, a warns, the expression of the influenza from the start is very intense.

Often you can feel after months of the effects and you feel dull and unmotivated. A flu is very serious, may under circumstances, even be fatal. Especially if the viruses or bacteria are added, can the for people with already weakened immune system, in addition to pneumonia, inflammation of the brain or of the heart muscle.

How are now because of the flu and the common cold actually triggered?

Both diseases are usually mainly due to viruses, however, different types of fire. Antibiotics will help so that neither a flu nor a cold

How can cold and flu be prevented?

By a hygienic lifestyle, such as regular hand washing or a Niessen in the crook of the arm into it, everyone can be themselves quite well against such a disease to prevent. As to the defense of pathogens such as viruses, a strong immune system is necessary to strengthen this through regular exercise, sleep, or even in the sauna. Since Stress us weakens, this in the Wake of the prevention of disease to avoid.

And if you already have flu or a cold are suffering, it means wait and drink tea!

So do not forget: a scratchy throat, a runny nose and cough, in a rather weak Version and a short duration, and only later starting fever witnesses of a cold. From the outset, a strong expression of the symptoms, head and body aches or fever, which is a longer torment, are signs of a flu.

If you are not sure and the disease lasts long, then a visit to the doctor is always a good idea to choose obat ampuh penyembuh diabetes.

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Losing weight successfully

Just after the feast, at Christmas time, many have the firm intention in the new year to lose weight. However, the intent quickly apprehended, but the implementation has its pitfalls. After all, nothing is more annoying than the Jo-jo effect. To make a really lasting diet success there, we have effective tips for you.

Easy Recipes

For people who are in the vocational everyday life very busy, is a change of Diet often with obstacles. After a long day often in the evening, no Odyssey more in the supermarket looking for special foods and spending hours in the kitchen. Look for easy recipes, quick and easy to implement.

Delicious Food

Bend you not for your diet. If you have certain ingredients just don’t like it, then they should not be main component of their diet. Prepare home-cooked meals, you taste good, but still reduced calories. If the food don’t like, and you the diet is not fun, then you can’t be successful.

No strict rules

If your diet is too many prohibitions includes, the soon to be frustrated. Sooner or later, the bans usually are anyway broken. Often, then, even in large masses. Treat yourself to rather let a little sin in between. You can really enjoy and that helps you then when you Persevere.

Slowly decrease

Many people try with a temporary reduction fast many pounds to lose. However, the pounds often so quickly on it again, as you previously have left since this is mostly water and muscle at first to be eliminated. Rather slowly, but effectively.

Combination with an exercise program

In addition to the change in Diet may be a balanced exercise program not missing. Thus, burn additional calories and build muscles. By using a coordinated program you get a nice Silhouette.

A successful diet usually starts already with a few small Changes in Lifestyle. However, even these are often difficult in everyday life to integrate. A holiday can be an ideal Detonator of his. Pamper yourself with delicious, healthy dishes. To do this, there is a coordinated exercise program with a professional Trainer as well as cooking classes. This way, you have already made the first step and can already have a first successful experience there. The Integration in the everyday life of many falls easy.

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Review: My life with Asthma

For nearly 20 years, I (and I deliberately say ‘ not ‘suffer from’) allergic Asthma and would like to at this point like to share my experience, I have been with this disease have collected, to share with you.

Equal first: I am no Doctor and no medical advice to give. Rather, it is to me, of my life with Asthma to report, and (re -) Affected, especially families with sick children, hoping to make.

When I was five years old, was with me, allergic Asthma is diagnosed. As I was still quite small was, however, I can’t remember. I just remember that I before eczema had and eventually Asthma. Treated I was then in the subsequent years, through my pediatrician, on the other hand by a Homeopath. From then on, I had to then in the morning before school/Kindergarten, at noon and in the evening inhale. I had, of course, often no desire, but it was bad also not.

Especially in the evening was the Good-night story, then just don’t, like probably many other children in bed, read to, but in the living room while I inhaled have. So was the Whole thing a lot less boring :) Less funny were the nights in which I by shortness of breath, woke up.

Just as a small child will get it because with the fear to do. But for such cases I also had an emergency Spray, which it then usually very quickly became better. To the load is as low as possible to keep my parents have tried, in our house, especially after a move, as free of allergens as possible.

This meant that the plants (because I was against something allergic) soft had my down by Hypo-allergenic bedding has been replaced and because I particularly to house dust mites react, lots of dust, such as carpets or curtains away came. In addition, we have for my bedding and the mattress, so-called Encasing concerned. The are covers so feinmaschig are that are causing the allergies, not durchgelangen. I think the cost has even got the insurance.

Clearly meant this Allergy for me and my family to certain limitations. So, for instance, was to have a pet (except maybe fish or a turtle) is not to think, but because my father also is allergic, it would anyway have been difficult. Like most little girls, I was a long time Pferdefan and would like to have riding lessons. This was unfortunately not possible. But otherwise, I have during my entire Childhood and as a youth driven Sport, and never had problems with it.

By and Large, but I could be a very “normal life”. School camp, camps, camp, etc – all no Problem!:) I had learned with my Asthma and the Spray for emergencies to deal, and to me, it went well, even without three Times a day inhale very well. Also knew for mentors as well as my Friends know. I have also always said where I my Spray I have, so that in an emergency a quick go could run to fetch it. And otherwise, it has become my best friend always over a second down pillows happy because I therefore have.

Minor seizures is also over all the years never been what. With the family we went in the summer holidays for many years on a small East Frisian island. Since I had not only the good sea air, there can be no cars to drive. However, I then return to the big city is not so well tolerated and have a slight pneumonia. But after we had learned, I have in the next few years, the Transition still very much inhaled and thus, it was no longer a Problem.

Then, as I grew older, my Asthma has become better and better. Whether it’s the puberty, the new house or whatever was, I can’t say. Today, I am 24 years old and can’t remember when the last Time I inhaled I. Only my Spray I have for emergencies is always in the handbag. Normally I notice, however, hardly, that I have Asthma and have a life so for me is completely normal.

Certainly, there is also significantly heavier courses of the disease and not all are so lucky and will be again as well as healthy. But I hope I could show you that Asthma does not necessarily affect the quality of life needs and it is also not to say (I think in particular with children), that it does not get better again. Click here cara alami menurunkan kadar gula darah

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The reality of insulin

We are s the 23 days from November 14, World Diabetes Day D.

Let’s make our voices heard on a high, not s the in November but all the days of the o! Est n ready to raise their voices in all parts of the world?

Because of that this campaign is to raise our voices and our message across loud and clear to all corners of the world, regardless of religion, sex, age, race, etc.

The important thing is that every d m s people inform, educate and learn about diabetes and its m multiple challenges in our d a to d, so in that way we can create a world where diabetes is not a topic extra or and full of desinformaci n and myths.

For this reason, today I want to tell them about the production n and acci n of insulin in our bodies and their ratio n with the people we have diabetes; as well as the situation n that n exists in many parts of the world.

Insulin is a hormone that is produced in the ncreas p. Insulin allows glucose to enter the cells c of the body, where it is converted into energy to.

People with type 1 diabetes cannot survive without daily doses of insulin. Some people with diabetes type 2 or gestational diabetes also need doses of insulin along with other medications.

In Canada, in 1921, the cient fico Frederick Banting and the student of medicine Charles Best isolated a substance p ncreas of dogs which they called isletin and now known as insulin. In a series of experiments, they discovered that a dog has had removed that p ncreas pod to stay alive with injections of isletin.

To the a or following, after much lab work to purify the extra insulin gives of a fetal calf, an or or 14 to you named Leonard Thompson is became the first person with diabetes to receive an injection insulin n, and its condition n better significantly. Before using n of insulin, people with diabetes is the somet a to a diet of hunger and not have an hopes of survival.

The news about the success of insulin spread very quickly r, and is uneven demand for the drug worldwide f. Since then, they have been great advances in research and development.

However, after almost a century of discovery of insulin, in many parts of the world there are people with diabetes type 1 who do not have access to this drug f (either because they cannot afford to pay for it or not is available) and die short after developing diabetes. Click here for more information about diabetes and the best obat herbal penurun gula darah.

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Diabetes does not discriminate

As we can see, diabetes does not discriminate. No matter the sex, age, religion, n, d nde have born or what pa s alive, status socio-econ mico, if you have studies or not; She simply comes and settles as that visit which came to stay, unless no one invited it. As it is, diabetes does not discriminate, don’t t with the people we have diabetes.

Already, many dir n n discrimination does not exist, that we live in a world in which everyone is equal and blah, blah, blah… result: living in a utop to because we all know that it is not as.

Quiz, many of you seem them extra or or almost impossible to mention: discrimination N in these few and alg type of disease cr nica?. The s, sounds retrograde, but unfortunately these situations occur m s followed than you think and, above all, in pa ses where these complaints as cr nicas are almost an inc gnita for the rest of the population who do not suffer from it, don’t try to be informed in this regard (unless alg family n reci n diagnosed), myths and desinformaci n arising around them and that , as a large ball of snow, becomes increasingly large s m.

Ever have experienced a situation of discrimination n n to come with your buddy was travel: diabetes? Maybe quiz nobody the invit directly but, as we know it, she is always with us, no matter the way that touch us tour: the student, the labor, the sentimental, the friendly, professional, etc.

As you should already know many of the people who have diabetes, often have to tell our compa was adventure that it stays quiescent and no signs of life to go to a job interview, dating and that that someone comes out not “running” at the name of our company was, as the desinformaci n is very large especially in pa ses Latino as ours. Adem s that the first thing that most think is the grandfather, the sister of grandparents or the t or seventy and a peak you who lost a leg, a finger, which end up hospitalized, etc and that image is transferred to us, without knowing that different types of diabetes and technological advances there is magical.

But c mo not misinform and explain the differences between a type of diabetes and the complications? It is simple, creating n m s campa as information, beginning with tell what is diabetes and, today in (d), already is not a death sentence, as it does many d Ed atr s.

Also depends on what country one is alive, but it is obvious that in many of our pa ses Latin American sector health not campa as such because there are other diseases, many of them fatal, that n is not eradicated, and I think that also is a subject of number of population affected by certain complaints as, n whether cr nicas or not. In the case of a diabetes type 1 in Per, until where I know, we are not a high percentage; I am almost sure (and is an opinion personal) that that percentage is not as significant by not being diagnosed on time or never. While type 2 diabetes already has to do with other factors, as I’ve said in previous post.

I think m s of us decided to tell our stories, experiences, mistakes (that s the dem do not commit them) and c mo is, it s what our life with this company was, but our family and people who are n our around so that people will apprise.

Adem s bring the information that arises around the world and often in other languages, were able to put this information n m s close to the rest informing activities, magical technological advances, internet support groups, campa as in other parts of the world and to be part of this great community, as well as inform. As were many bloggers dealing with diabetes to be able to eliminate myths, educate and report and, above all, be able to support us all.

So many times people we have diabetes we prefer to keep this information aside, especially those who live in societies to n “reactionary” for some topics, like those of advising m doctor.

Obviously there’s advanced societies that give equal opportunity to all and that is precisely because est n informed… But what can we expect from a society n constrains simply for being different?

But know what?, as the poster says, we are equal to you, s which with a different lifestyle, thats all and nobody should feel verg enza because cr nica disease. If something I have ense designed the, is that in the end I am just like many of my friends, compa eros, colleagues, etc, s which, like dir to the great singer Celia Cruz, a m s of “az car” dash!.

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Diabetes voice editing n September

Cover of edit n September 2014

N International Diabetes Federation public on 2 September (a month ago exactly) the last editing n of the journal Diabetes Voice, which corresponds to the same month. This n number is dedicated to everything what we can do for diabetes since every step counts and the D 2014 Diabetes world. This campaign to be the first of a series of three to you (2014-16) to be devoted to diabetes and healthy living. Activities and the materials on this or make hincapi about the importance of a healthy power, both to prevent type 2 diabetes and to control it effectively so as to avoid complications.

In this exemplary s may find current topics such as the health applications tica diab for devices m vile, if you are an exageraci n or a hope for many of us who live with diabetes; the importance of doing things well and educate so that increasingly can handle better diabetes, to make decisions m s sound in health and food. The problems m s dif easy to tackle at the moment of diagnosis diagnostic and during the first or, and what you would have liked to hear or who tell us our m doctor when we were diagnosed with diabetes.

If you want to read this edit n enters this link Diabetes Voice – volume 59 | N number 2 and enjoy a good and interesting reading!

Diabetes Voice is the magazine that publishes the Federation n International Diabetes (IDF, for its acronym in English s). The magazine covers the recent diabetes-related developments: care, educati n, n prevention, investigaci n, pol sanitary practices and econ micas, as well as live with diabetes.

Diabetes Voice is published quarterly in English s, franc s, espa ol and Russian. To facilitate a better understanding on specific topics, n special grouper of the magazine is published. To this end, calls on experts to share their knowledge and opinions.

Daniel Alcides Carri n I was born on August 13, 1875 in Cerro de Pasco, capital of the Miner in Per. At 14 to you viaj Lima and ingres to the Colegio Nacional Nuestra Se ora de Guadalupe. To achieve the title of bachiller t, is matricul in the Faculty of Medicine of San Fernando of the University of San Marcos.

During his studies m medical, Carri n sinti concern about two diseases characteristics of some valleys Peruvians, one of them known as the “fever of La Oroya”, characterized by fever and progressive anemia, despite treatment that took place in that little, ten to close to 100% lethality.

Another disease was the called “Verruca Peruana”, which have equal distribution n geogr fica, but benign n evolution; with the s bita aparici n of n units cut neos and scarce s general symptoms.

In August 1885, guided by his spirit of research esp n, Carri n decided to inoculate, assisted by Doctor Evaristo Ch time, hypersecretion n taken from a wart from a patient. After 3 weeks developed the symptoms of the “Oroya fever” s, so it is establishment a com source n of the two diseases. Carri n wrote personally its history cl nica until 26 September, in overwhelmed by fever and anemia, entr into delirium left, at your request, the compa eros follow document cl nico that room started.

Your State cl nico is agrav and falleci’s disease on October 5, 1885, having spent forty d as from the n. inoculaci Reached to express the wish that studies should continue forward, conscious of having contributed to a better understanding of the disease that now bears his name.

By his sacrifice, was recognized as m s of Peruvian medicine and in his honor is celebrated on October 5, as the d of Peruvian medicine. Click here for more information about diabetes and obat tradisional untuk gula darah.

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To transplant insulin producing cells c a cure for type 1 diabetes?

This ma ana reviewing the news related to diabetes, found that many media speak of the “possible cure for type 1 diabetes” because they have managed to discover c mo produce massively insulin-producing cells c.

Eye, that this kind of news are always obvious to those who have diabetes or alg n loved it, we emocionemos us and say “at last the long-awaited cure!”. But all the you have type 1 diabetes I’ve seen many headlines as, studies in process, successful discoveries, but lack n see if it is feasible in the phase of studies with humans.

Remember that diabetes type 1 is our own autoimmune system that destroys our cells c beta to recognize them as”extra”. So I suppose, in my humble opinion n, this is a great challenge or for science. I’m not saying that it is not true, the news is in “The Times” as great and as mentioned, my glucolega espa ol, scar Bri Lpz. ACE, this medium is not characterized as tabloid.

In the news, Doug Melton, Harvard University and who led the work, believes that trials for human transplantation using these cells c be n underway in a few to you. We are yet to a phase nica precl, away from the goal line l.

To date there have been many previous attempts to manufacture different types of cells from stem cells c beta c, but ning n another group has produced c cells mature beta, the m s suitable for use in patients, is wing. The biggest ass obst has been to get the sensitivity of the cells c glucose the cells c beta insulin secreting beta; and that is what our group has done.

Who follow the news closely and be very cautious, as n much “sliced bread” or “long way to go”.

Here I leave the transcripci n of the article published in

The transplantation of insulin-producing cells c moves steadily and it is possible that a giant step has given in the search to find a truly effective treatment for people with type 1 diabetes. From human embryonic cells c, a team of researchers at the University of Harvard (USA) has managed for the first time to produce type and the amount of insulin-producing cells c human needed for a transplant. Doug Melton, who directed the work and from ago 23 to, when his son Sam was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, I decided to devote his career to the search for a cure for the disease, believes that trials for human transplantation using these c cells producing insulin to be n underway in a few to you. We are a still a phase nica precl, away from the goal line l, said Melton, whose daughter Emma also has type 1 diabetes.

To date there have been many previous attempts to manufacture different types of c cells producing insulin from cells c mother, but ning n another group has produced c cells producing insulin mature, the m s suitable for use in patients, is wing. The biggest ass obst has been to get the sensitivity to glucose in the cells producing insulin from the beta cells c c; and that is what our group has done.

In work published in the journal Cell, researchers tested the insulin-producing cells c produced in the laboratory in three different ways in terms of the production of glucose in mice n, and the results have been appropriate recognizes the researcher that ade that currently these beta cells c derived from c cells mother are subjected to testing in animal models , including non-human primates.

Disease lica metab

During d decades researchers have tried to generate cells c human insulin producers to be cultivated and, subsequently, they were able to produce insulin, says Elaine Fuchs, M Institute doctor Howard Hughes (USA). Now, is wing, this team seems to they have finally overcome this ass obst and open the door to the discovery of f drugs and the use of transplantation in diabetes, is wing expert who has not participated in the study.

Type 1 diabetes is a disease lica metab in which the body destroys all the cells c producing insulin needed for the Regulation n of glucose in the body. The c cells producing insulin as a treatment for diabetes remains essentially experimental, since it uses cells CAD veres c, requires the use of powerful immunosuppressive drugs f and only the mere scope of a n est very small or transplant patients. Also click pengobatan kencing manis secara alami

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In the program “Good Morning America”

ABC News (July 21, 2014)

As many of you are there n aware (because it has been in the news in all social networks) Miss Idaho 2014, Sierra Sandison, is present in the program of Dr. Oz, on Thursday, September 11.

Remember n Sierra Sandison was international news after using your insulin (or microinfusora of insulin) pump during part of the parade in costume of ba or the State beauty contest.

Contestant of Miss Am rica luce onstage insulin pump

In a separate segment, Dr. Oz gave a warm welcome to the is orita, Idaho saw Sandison, who compete in the contest of beauty, Miss Am rica 2014, on 14 September. Sandison gan international attention when is present on stage using an insulin pump attached to the bottom of the bikini during the ba or the contest costume competition Miss Idaho, in July.

Sierra, from 20 to, was diagnosed with diabetes type 1 in 2012. It results to luch with your diagnostic diagnosis of diabetes in a first time and was in denial about his illness n. After adapt to their condition n, Sandison said he hopes to educate the public about diabetes p and inspire the nor-as not to curb is to be insecure about their health.

Sierra said initially he would not use his insulin pump on the stage, but changed of opinion n after recall an incident with McCall Salinas, a or a with diabetes who told him that no wants to use his insulin pump in school because ten to fear that the others or you are teased her.

That inspir to Sandison using the isnulina pump on stage, and she is glad to have done because his gesture, m s later, inspir others to show their Twitter and Instagram insulin pumps. “Est well not be perfect,” said Sandison.

Miss Am rica 2014 contest is may see on 14 September by the ABC network.

Source: Art ass written by Samantha Chang of

Translated by: diabetesabordo

Here n can see the v deo of the presentation saw Sandison, Miss Idaho, n on the Dr. Oz Show programme broadcast by Fox Life on September 11.

About Doctor Oz Show

For those of you who have never heard about this program, The Dr. Oz Show is a program of American n of g nero talk television show (conversation n show), hosted by Dr. Mehmet Oz, a surgeon cico cardiotor’s nationality American – Turkish and Professor at Columbia University who became famous for her appearances on The Oprah Winfrey Show from 2004 until 2009. The Show, to debut on September 14, 2009, is co-produced by Oprah Winfrey’s company “Harpo Productions” and is distributed by Sony Pictures Television Distribution. Currently it is part of the programming of Fox Life n.

Here at Per the channel Am rich television n did a remake of the program. Ste is called Doctor TV and is Domingo on March 26, 2012, presented by m doctor – Peruvian surgeon Tom s outboard Noriega. Currently airs on Am rica Televisi n Per 14 hours.

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Breakfast in blue

As you know it with or the subject of la campa à to World Diabetes Day is “power supply n healthy and Diabetes”. In order to promote the benefits of a healthy diet and the importance of having breakfast in a healthy way, the n International Diabetes Federation has developed a platform l nea to promote all popular breakfasts that are organized in the world.

The platform is called Go Blue for Breakfast and espa ol “Breakfast in blue”.

Breakfast in blue

After the success of the platform “Give a step by Diabetes” in 2013, the breakfast can be registered on a platform in l line that includes an interactive map showing the events that take place around the world.

The platform allows also users include a recipe for healthy breakfast that can be shared with everyone. As that may include l nea ingredients, measurements, and how to cook it, as well as a photographer to.

This a or the campaign for the World Diabetes Day D asks all his followers to organize blue healthy breakfasts in their local communities to highlight the important thing is a healthy power to prevent type 2 diabetes and prevent the serious complications of the disease.

You can join the campaign a:

-Inviting your friends, family, colleagues and members of his organization n to a healthy breakfast to mark the World Diabetes Day (WDD) (D) on 14 November.

-Identifying a place p public in your area where arrange a blue breakfast. Choose a place known to attract to the public p and n. media

-SEAGA rense all participants dressed in blue, the color of the blue circle c – s world symbol of the concientizaci n on diabetes.

-Once your activity is confirmed, include the data on the platform so they can Share them with the diabetes community.

All breakfasts in blue sent be be included on a world map and the number n of participants be used to fill the c blue circle in the center of the platform.

Help achieve greater n mere participants in support of the 382 million people living with diabetes and those at risk. Click here cara menurunkan kadar gula dalam darah secara alami

Get to work!

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